Who’s Who – Pat Phillips

This is the first ‘Who’s Who’ blog post, the aim of which is to give readers of the DAFNEplus blog an insight into the team behind the trial. Each month we will aim to post up a different perspective from one of the team members!  First up is Pat Phillips…..

I’m Pat Phillips, the new study manager on the DAFNEplus study, I’m a nurse by background but I’ve combined nursing with research over the past few years. I started in this role at the beginning of March 2018 and I’m slowly finding my feet (and learning lots) with the assistance of the DAFNEplus team. Included in a list of things that I knew nothing about a few weeks ago, but now know a little bit about, are: managing budgets, CE marking of products to ensure that they meet the required standard for sale in the European Union and negotiating excess treatment costs with NHS sites! There’s more to managing a study than meets the eye!

It does feel like a lot has happened in a short time. We are in the process of finalising the intervention, a complex process involving health professionals, academics and patients which builds on earlier work conducted as part of the study.

Additionally, we have prepared and submitted an application to the ethics committee, this is an important part of the set-up of a new study and alongside approval from the Health Research Authority will ensure that the study is planned and conducted in a safe way with maximum benefits to the public and patients. We can’t go ahead with the study without these approvals.

We are also in negotiations with fourteen NHS trusts around the UK that will host the study and we are making preparations to ensure that they are ready to start recruiting in September. Over the course of the Summer we will develop and deliver training on the research process and the new intervention to health professionals and research staff – so it looks like I’ll be busy over the Summer.


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