Swim 22 challenge

Hello, my name is Becky and I’m the Trials Support Officer based at the University of Sheffield working on the DAFNEplus Project.

I’ve been working on the trial for 6 months now, and when I first started another Trials Support Officer, Jess, asked if in February I’d join in the Swim 22 challenge for Diabetes UK as a team. Thinking it’d be fun and for a good cause I said yes, and now here we are.

It started on the 22nd February and we have 12 weeks to swim 22 miles, the equivalent of the English Channel, and all the sponsor money goes to Diabetes UK. We’ve named the team Bend it like Biondi (after the swimmer) and we have currently swam 11.47 miles between us (32.53 miles to go!).

Since working on DAFNEplus I’ve learnt a lot about the lives of those with Type 1 diabetes and know that doing this swim will hopefully raise money to make living with the condition a lot easier.  The challenge is proving to be quite tough already, I’m not sure I quite understood how far 22 miles really was!

If you’d like to sponsor our team, and see our progress we have a Justgiving page set up here

Thank you to all those that have sponsored so far, and I’ll be back to reflect on how the whole challenge went when it’s completed in May.


Becky Brown

DAFNEplus Trials Support Officer