6 months in and counting…

Now DAFNEplus is almost six months old, we thought it was a good time to update you on all of the things that we’ve been up to since 1st March this year.

Assembling our research teams



We’ve now recruited to each of our academic research teams across the grant, who will work together with the established researchers who collaborated on the previous Programme Grant and developed this one.

We are pleased to welcome:

We are also delighted to welcome clinicians and educators from the Elsie Bertram Diabetes Centre at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, who will join Sheffield and King’s College Hospital as a site for our pilots in 2017.

We’ve put together a rather colourful organisational chart – take a look at this to see how the research teams are organised.

Expert oversight from our committees
All NIHR Programme Grants set up Steering Committees to oversee and guide the work of the research team. We are delighted to have appointed a super expert panel headed up by Professor Simon Griffin, Professor of General Practice from University of Oxford. We have patient representation from both Roz Davies and Fabiana Lorencatto, our statistician is Professor Catherine Hewitt from York Trials Unit and our clinical advisor is Professor Jim Shaw from Newcastle University. We met with the panel for the first time in May, and will see them again in the New Year.

We have also established a wider patient expert group in Sheffield to advise us on DAFNEplus, to help embed the patient voice throughout the research programme. We will meet with them three times per year to get their advice on the design and conduct of the study. At the first meeting in June, they gave us some excellent feedback on the existing DAFNE curriculum, and on our patient materials for the user testing study that starts in the Autumn. We are also currently in the process of setting up a patient group in London in collaboration with King’s College Hospital. Professor Wendy Baird and Dan Beever from ScHARR are our Leads on Patient and Public Involvement.

Developing the intervention

So, what have we actually been up to since March? We have been beavering away on the following streams of work:

– A multi-stakeholder review of the current DAFNE curriculum and training materials
– A systematic review and horizon scanning exercise exploring the effectiveness of interventions to promote long-term glycaemic control in patients with T1D
– A multi-stakeholder expert consultation exercise to formulate plans for support post-DAFNEplus; and
– On the technology side, we have developed prototype versions for further testing in our pilot sites in the Autumn.

What next?
Looking forward, the next six months will see us doing the following: identifying our trial centres for the randomised controlled trial; user testing of prototype versions of technology and follow-up support; refining and finalising all components of the DAFNEplus intervention (curriculum; technology and follow-up support for piloting in 2017); and last but not least (!) we will be setting up the pilot study to start in early 2017.


Lizzie Coates, DAFNEplus Programme Manager


Photo credits

Dirkcuys by CC 2.0

James 2 by CC 2.0

Practical Cures by CC 2.0


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