This is a blog charting the progress of the DAFNEplus Programme Grant, which started in March 2016.  The aim of the blog is to:

  • Raise the profile of the programme of research
  • Provide insights into the inner workings of a large-scale research grant

The research is funded by the National Institute for Health Research, through their Programme Grants for Applied Research (ref: RP-PG-0514-20013).

This is a large-scale, multi-disciplinary, collaborative research grant awarded to Professor Simon Heller at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and managed by the Clinical Trials Research Unit at the University of Sheffield, with input from ten other academic and clinical partners.

To contact us, please email the DAFNEplus Programme Manager at the University of Sheffield – Dr Lizzie Coates (e.coates@sheffield.ac.uk).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear sir
    I would love to help you but I have a brand new grandson and I’m getting used to it lol but give me a few months and I may be very interested
    Thank you
    Sharon weekes


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